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If you want to be a better dancer, no matter what your starting point is, you have come to the right place.  EVERYONE can learn how to dance.  It’s not a matter of “if”, it’s a matter of “when.”  Both, rhythm and movement are natural to every human, and there are incredible benefits to putting the two together.  As you read on, you’ll learn why we just might be the best place to learn Latin & Ballroom dance.


Our focus has always been on exceptional service, comfortable private environment and of course, high level of professional guidance and instruction.  We utilize effective private teaching methods, working with dancers of ALL levels and ages.  We teach one-on-one, couples and private parties of up to 6 people.


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    We are proud to acknowledge three distinguished elements in our approach to teaching dance: 1. High caliber professional instruction There are many good dance instructors, fewer great ones and a handful of exceptional ones. We have been fortunate to retain the services of a true teacher with almost 20 years of dance experience, national level Ballroom dance finalist, avid Salsa exhibition dancer, a great teacher to kids and adults alike and a wonderful person to be around. 2. Privacy and distraction free setting While you may share the dance floor with other students and teachers at other dance studios, and listen to upbeat Salsa while you try to learn the smooth moves of Waltz, bumping into other dancers, at Dance Issaquah, during your scheduled time, you have the floor, the music, the instructor all to yourself so the focus is entirely on your experience and your progress. Dance Issaquah was formed as an extension of a premier personal training studio. While we teach dance on Sundays only, since that is all that our schedule permits between fitness training hours, we offer something that almost no other dance studio does – complete privacy and distraction free setting from the moment you step your foot on the dance floor. 3. Comfortable and welcoming environment With a decade of experience in serving people and helping them move toward their goals, we have found that simple things matter. We’ll always know who you are, we’ll know precisely what your goals are, we’ll help you learn and we’ll make sure you enjoy the process. You’ll never get lost in the crowd and you’ll never have to wait your turn. It’s all about you. Besides, we keep the studio spotless and have complimentary bottled water and tea for your enjoyment.

    If you’ve danced before, you know why you are here so contact us if you have any questions and to get started!  But if this is your first exposure to Ballroom or Latin dance, you’ll be amazed at how it will enrich your life.  There are tremendous benefits to dance and here are just a few of them:

    LIFE SKILL – never feel out of place on the dance floor.  Even with a few basic moves of some of the more common dances, you will be able to hold your own on the dance floor.  Never have to “get ready” for a special occasion or event by being prepared ahead of time, and surprise your friends and family with some moves when they least expect it!


    PHYSICAL FITNESS – dance, particularly Latin or Rhythm, is a great cardiovascular workout.  A popular cardio craze called Zumba is based primarily on Latin dance.  Not every lesson will be a cardio workout, but even at a slower pace, dance engages all of the muscles in your body, especially your legs and core, which benefits most of your daily activities, promotes good posture, better balance and improved physique.


    MENTAL FITNESS – you may or may not realize that dance is a mental workout.  In numerous studies ballroom dance has been associated with decreasing chances of dementia in seniors, and regardless of your age, it keeps your brain active by coordinating many multi-directional moves.  But if you think you have “two left feet” or are “too uncoordinated”, don’t worry, we’ll instruct you in stages and you will love seeing the progress, and reap some mental benefits, gradually developing ease in the way you move.

    Check out our Special Offers and contact us for more information or to get started.  We look forward to dancing with you!


    We work with trainees of all levels, from rookies to competitors, and of ALL ages.  We teach both, American and International styles, focusing on social dance skills or on technical performance elements, depending on your goals and preference.  At Dance Issaquah you can learn the following dance types:


    • Smooth & Standard: Foxtrot, Waltz, Viennese Waltz, Qucikstep, Tango.


    • Latin: Salsa, Cha-Cha, Rumba, Mambo, Bachata, Merengue, Paso Doble, Argentine Tango.


    • Rhythm: East Coast Swing, West Coast Swing, Lindy Hop, Jitterbug, Jive.


    • Social: Night Club 2-step, Country 2-step, Hip Hop, Club.

    While there is no specific dress code for the lessons, many students choose upbeat casual attire.


    For the gentlemen: while jeans and T-shirt are okay, you might like to wear slacks and a polo shirt, depending on your preference.


    For the ladies: you are welcome to wear whatever you are most comfortable in - from leggings to dresses, though we encourage skirts with some movement since they enhance your look in motion.


    The Shoes: Dance shoes or dance sneakers, available online or at dance supply stores, work best. The average cost per pair is about $80. If you do not have a pair, any shoe with some flexibility through the sole and minimal grip will work. We ask that you wear shoes with non-marking soles to avoid black marks on the floor and definitely the kind that will slide so you can turn and pivot - suede or leather soles work well.






Private Lessons present, by far, the most progressive way for you to become a better dancer.  Instructor’s time and energy are focused entirely on you.  You can take lessons by yourself or with a partner.  The cost ranges from $89 down to $59 per session, depending on the chosen program length.

Try it for only $55



Polish and expand your Ballroom Dance skills with new patterns, improved technique and better feel for your partner.  This Ballroom variety class is taught by a highly experienced instructor.  Small group format allows for modifications geared to a range of levels.  Basic knowledge of smooth and rhythm ballroom dance steps is recommended.  No partner necessary.  Only $99/person/month.  Sundays at Noon. 
Enroll Today or reserve your spot to try it for only $19.

The First Dance, Bride and Groom, Father and the Bride, Parents of the Bride, The Wedding Party… being prepared can take tons of pressure off this extraordinary occasion.  Our instructor specializes in Wedding Dance preparation.  Whether it’s a modern ceremony or traditional wedding, we have helped many couples enjoy a stress-free first dance.  Regular private lesson (or private party session) pricing applies.  We look forward to making you special day even more special.
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  • What is so special about Dance Issaquah?
    Dance Issaquah is the only place in Issaquah for adults with or without dance experience to learn just about any dance. Besides, it’s a PRIVATE studio so when you work with the instructor, as an individual, couple or small group, there are no other people around, dancing across your way or to different music so you can focus and learn as much as possible! Best of all, we won’t force you into large “packages” or long-term commitments, and we’ll make sure you are comfortable and get what you came for.
  • Can I try a session before I commit to anything?


    We believe in our teaching method and we take great care of you so we think you’ll like it here if you give it a try first.  With that in mind, your private Ballroom Dance trial lesson is only $55 (held on Sundays, by appointment) with no further commitment requirements, and semi-private trial is only $19 – just click HERE to schedule or for more information.  No strings attached!

  • Who teaches at Dance Issaquah?


    Our lead instructor is Johnny Bryant - a professional ballroom dance teacher and competitor with nearly 20 years of experience.  Johnny served in the military and later worked as a manager for Intel but decided to leave it all for the love of dance.  He is a national level competitor who works with dancers of all levels and ages, from rookies to performers, and kids to seniors.

    Juliana Jade is the program director, ready to answer all your questions and help you with scheduling.  She is an avid Latin and Ballroom dancer as well as a health & fitness coach.  Click HERE to give it a shot or to ask any other questions you might have.



  • How much does it cost?


    Our pricing is competitive and we are completely open about it.  Just as at any studio, the more sessions you get, the lower the cost: for individuals, it ranges from $79 down to only $59 per session, for couples - $89 down to $69, and as low as $23 per session if you are a part of a small group of friends or family in preparation for a special event or just to have fun.  You’ll never be “surprised” with a hidden fee of any kind and won’t have to commit to long periods of training, unless you want to.  Semi-Private lessons are $99/month (for 4-5 monthly lessons.)  And you can try a private lesson for only $55 or a semi-private - for $19.


  • What is the schedule like?


    Because we serve a small community, we teach Private Dance Lessons on Sundays only though we are very flexible and will do our best to accommodate your preferred timing.  All private sessions are by appointment.

  • What dances do you teach?


    We teach Ballroom, Latin, Rythm, Social and Club dance styles for couples and individuals.


    We work with trainees of all levels, from rookies to competitors, and of ALL ages.  We teach both, American and International styles, focusing on social dance skills or on technical performance elements, depending on your goals and preference.  At dance Issaquah you can learn the following dance types:


    • Smooth & Standard: Foxtrot, Waltz, Viennese Waltz, Qucikstep, Tango.


    • Latin: Salsa, Cha-Cha, Rumba, Mambo, Bachata, Merengue, Paso Doble, Argentine Tango.


    • Rhythm: East Coast Swing, West Coast Swing, Lindy Hop, Jitterbug, Jive.


    • Social: Night Club 2-step, Country 2-step, Hip Hop, Club.


  • Do I need a partner to learn or practice with you?


    We work with individuals, partners and small groups (everyone doesn’t need to be partnered up to learn) so no, no partner necessary!  We’ll work with you and you’ll learn either way, and we’ll make sure that you have a good experience in the process.  To try it first-hand, so you know for sure if this is for you and if it’s worth your time, click HERE to schedule a Trial Lesson or Consultation.


Juliana Jade

Program Director

Johnny Bryant

Lead Dance Instructor

With years of experience in Ballroom and Latin dance, and an affinity for Jazz and Ballet, Juliana believes that life journey is better with dance steps in it, and she’ll instruct and support you every step of the way.

After serving in the military and working as Intel manager, Johnny discovered dance. He started dancing 15 years ago and never stopped. He is a true expert in teaching all styles of Ballroom and Latin dance. A successful competitive and exhibition dancer, and a sought-after instructor, he is always refining his own technique. Dance is not only his job but his passion. Johnny works with adults primarily in private and semi-private sessions, and with kids of all ages, handling all aspects of dance training & choreography. Now, 15 years since he started, as passionate as ever, he is also an internationally certified dance professional, a US open professional dance competitor, an open professional dance champion, and regarded as one of the area's top dance teachers. Whether it’s Latin or Swing, Waltz or Tango, Foxtrot or Lindy Hop, he loves it all, and enjoys sharing that love with others.


Dance Issaquah is located at 690 NW Gilman Blvd

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